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Redesigning the future

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2014 has the promise of a new start for us. Again. We just aren’t the types to settle for a status quo in our lives for long. I don’t know why that is. We’re never out of new plans, initiatives and ideas. And although we embrace the feeling of freedom that we have, there’s also the responsibility to do it the right way. Whichever way that may be. Now I am (by choice) out of a paid assignment for the next months. Time off, to recover from the hard work of 2013. Time off, to get rid of all kinds of stuff in my house, in my computer, in my IPhone and in my head. And time off, to think about the future. And redesign it. What do we really want to spend our days on? What’s the best way for us to add value to others, to enjoy what we do and to earn a living at the same time? How can we simplify things in our life? This weblog is one of the outcomes. We’ ll keep you posted.

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