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What is so inspiring about ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’?

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A couple of years ago I read ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ from Tim Ferriss for the first time. I was really entertained and inspired. Not only by the description of how you can work 4 hours a week (and still earn a lot of money doing it), but moreover by the personality of Tim, the different way he looks at life and work and the sometimes weird experiments he engages in. Rereading it I was surprised by details I somehow missed the first time (or have forgotten). Here are a couple of things I find so inspiring about Tim Ferriss:

  1. His very different approach to a lot of things, his guts to stand out from the mass and try a lot of different new things in new ways.
  2. His humour, he doesn’t seem to take life (in general and himself in particular) too seriously.
  3. His views and experiences in building online businesses and working online.
  4. His views and experiences on learning. He developed methods on how to learn practically anything over a short period of time. It worked for him with learning several languages (amongst others Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin), with learning dancing the tango like a pro, with becoming a long distance swimmer and much more.

His other books ‘The 4-Hour Body’ (with unusual tips and tricks on loosing weight, working out and getting more out of your body) and ‘The 4-Hour Chef’ (quote: the simple path to cooking like a pro, learning anything and living the good life) also have found their way in my small selection of ‘books I want to have in print’.

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