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The making of a jungle woman

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As the sun sets in Bakaa Boto, our remote accommodation near the ‘Suriname River’, my agitation grows. What on earth are we doing here? What were we thinking? We are lucky to have our own transportation; first thing tomorrow morning we leave, I decide. Back to inhabited areas, ASAP. After a Camel Trophy-like expedition on the almost washed away dirt road (for me nerve wrecking, for the three men in my life one exciting adventure), this afternoon we arrived in our ‘resort’. We soak into the wet grassland while finding our home for the coming days. All-inclusive with a river view and a jungle view. Our home turns out to be a huge wooden cabin. In between the vertical poles, that form the outer walls, one finds spaces of maybe 15 centimetres each (my guess). The view is also guaranteed from inside the cabin, Jan jokes. I’m not laughing. Thinking: and who has his eyes on us tonight? Let me check if the door can be locked properly. No. It is kind of smelly in here. When was this place cleaned? My sons, eight and ten years of age, choose the bed of their liking and cheer they have never been in such a great hotel in their life. This uncomplicated is life for them. With their white bodies they join the local kids for a swim in the river rapid. Don’t worry mum, the piranhas and alligators are only to be found outside the rapid! This doesn’t help. An uneasy night lies ahead of me. However, in the light of the following day Bakaa Boto seems changed. We stay. Isn’t letting go of fixed ideas and embracing new, challenging things part of the adventure of traveling? A state of relaxation, opening up and enjoying slowly but surely replaces the agitation. Three days with a lot of chicken and rice, prepared by our local hosts, follow. I find my peace in the hammock in front of the cabin. The boys catch piranhas with their newfound friends. We visit a traditional village and drink coca cola with the senior citizen. We crop and eat Waki, a sweet local tree fruit. We canoe the Suriname River. I bathe in the rapid, sleep like a baby and enjoy life.

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