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7 Habits of Highly Effective Hobbits

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A couple of weeks ago I hit upon a website, lifehack.org, with all kinds of lists in the area of lifestyle design and inspiration. Lists on how to make changes in your live, how to pursue your dreams, how to make a career move, how to live healthy, and so on. The posts have titles like ‘10 Things Happy People Don’t Believe’, ‘6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Career’, ‘20 Fabulous Ideas to Start and End Your Day with Joy’ and ‘9 Productive Things to do Instead of Complaining’. There are so many lists you can spend hours browsing through them. For me as a pragmatic Dutchie, the titles with lots of capital letters and the tone of voice of some of the posts are sometimes a little bit too much. But hey, if you don’t mind that, this is a site worth visiting. Here’s a post I can identify with; it’s about letting go of your securities to make way for new things in your life. About how this freedom sometimes comes with fear and uncertainty and the longing to bail out for something more secure. Here’s the introduction of the post:

The only true success that exists is when we find a way to make a living doing exactly what we want. When you wake up every morning and create your day exactly how you dream it to be, that is success. When your passion and your work are aligned, when you would do your job for free because you like it so much, that is success.‘ ~ Eric Dubay

Read more on lifehack.org.


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