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Colouring outside the lines – lessons for father and son

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At one point during the process of making the cruiserboard with our youngest son Ties, Jan and Ties were making a painting at the backside of the board. Lines had to be drawn and the painting job needed to be done. At this point, Jan took over from Ties, saying this was a precise job. He answered my question why he didn’t let Ties help with this task, with: ‘He is probably going to colour outside the lines’. Jan wanted the board to be perfect and he was afraid that if he let Ties do the painting, something would go wrong. Later we talked about this. In my opinion, there were several objectives by making the board:

  • having fun, father and son working together
  • stimulating Ties to be creative and to enjoy the process of making something
  • producing a cool board

Ties would definitely have coloured outside the lines. He has never done such a precise painting job before. Still I think it would have been fantastic if Jan had let him do the job, encouraging him to paint, to practice, to have fun, to maybe make mistakes and not to worry about it, and to enable him to be proud of the wonderful painting that he made. The board would have been even more perfect than it is now. Colouring outside the lines is a good thing! And, with hindsight, Jan can’t agree more. The next project is up soon.

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