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Looking for an adventurous activity with kids?

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When it comes to islands, I have two favourites that compete for my number one position. The first is ‘good old’ Terschelling, a little island in the North of the Netherlands. A lot of summers in my youth were spent here with family and friends. From baby to toddler to teenager to adolescent, Terschelling was my home for the summer. The second island lies at the other end of the world, one beautiful part of Holland far away: Bonaire. Here we lived for two great Caribbean years. I’ll be posting about both islands more, I’m sure. This post is about another lovely island, also in the North of the Netherlands and part of the ‘Wadden-islands’: Schiermonnikoog. With 938 inhabitants (living on almost 200 km²) Schiermonnikoog is the smallest municipality of the Netherlands. From Lauwersoog in the province of Groningen it’s only 45 minutes by boat to Schiermonnikoog. Beaches belong to my highlights at practically any location in the world and Schiermonnikoog is no exception. Bare feet in the sand, smelling the sea air and hearing the waves come rolling in, wow. Two years ago we celebrated my birthday at Schiermonnikoog. The boys engaged in a fantastic activity at the beach: blokarting, racing along the beach in a buggy with a sail. The action was offered by Thijs and his Vliegerparadijs (Kite Paradise). Thijs is a likeable guy who chose another route in life, quitting his studies to go live and work on Schiermonnikoog. He created his own paradise, from which he tries to make a contribution to the lives of people and to Schiermonnikoog. He offers different individual and group activities, most with kites and on the beach. He also developed special programs for children with labels such as ADHD and autism. In (t)his setting all labels blow away….  So, if you are looking for an adventurous activity in great surroundings: Thijs’ Vliegerparadijs is the place to be. Our boys still feature at the homepage of Thijs’ Vliegerparadijs! Check the look on their faces while they were blokarting.

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