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  • Hank working at one of the two modular desks
  • HankBoughtABus

Sometimes the best plan is to not have one…

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Meet Hank, who bought a bus in the summer of 2013 and transformed it to a piece of art in only 15 weeks. This kind off is my fantasy. To start from scratch and to put all my creativity and technical skills into a project like this. Hank is a former architecture student who was tired of drawing buildings that would never exist, for clients that were imaginary, and with details he didn’t fully understand. He started with his bus project and went on from there. He now says yes to any project he feels really excited about, without worrying about how he’s going to do it or if he is going to finish it. Sometimes the best plan is to not have one… Ok, so that’s my plan ;-).

Watch his TED Talk or visit his website http://www.hankboughtabus.com.

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