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These are the best backpacks ever

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In 1996 we went world tripping for a year. On this pic we leave Holland with our brand new backpacks. Full of anticipation. Those backpacks have proven to be a VERY good buy. 18 years later, they still travel with us! The big difference with 18 years ago is that back then this was our only luggage. Today, leaving for Bonaire, we are having a hard time traveling light. Not only does the kite gear for four people result in a lot of space and kilos, we are also taking laptops, photography equipment, school stuff, fishing gear and of course, lots of bikinis and board shorts. And this time we are ‘only’ leaving for four months… Want to know the brand of the backpacks that survived 18 years of traveling through about 35 countries, in boats, buses, trains, cars and airplanes? It’s Tatonka (Jan) and Perry Sport (Inge).

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