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Can one eat too much sashimi?

on May 9 | in Explore, Live, Play | by | with No Comments

It’s been two weeks since our last post. We were just too busy fishing, kiting, catching up with friends and getting adjusted to our Bonairian lifestyle again. Tropical life can be sooo exhausting… Let me give you an impression of the ‘problems’ we had to deal with over the past weeks:

  • Can one eat too much fresh tuna sashimi? (Don’t think so)
  • What’s that air-conditioning noise that’s waking me up at night? (‘Problema con el flapper’, according to the handy man)
  • Will I make it to the uninhabited island of ‘Klein Bonaire’ kiting downwind? (YES I made it)
  • What’s the best time to go out fishing? (Seems to make no difference, the boys caught some fish every time they went out)
  • Shall I drink a Venezuelan Zulia Beer or an Amstel Bright beer? (I still prefer Bright)

You know, things like that. Don’t get me wrong; we also do all the normal things that simply have to be done. Shopping for groceries and cleaning the house, arranging all kinds of practical things, getting the kids acquainted at their new schools, Jan working on some websites and other design jobs. But still, there’s been plenty of time to relax. So far so good.


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