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Less is the new more

on June 30 | in Inspire, Live | by | with No Comments

I’m planning to further downsize the amount of stuff that we have. What you don’t own, you’re not worrying about. Actually I’m quit good at throwing or giving things away. For me the hardest things to part from are things that have to do with the boys. A book we used to read together a lot, a favourite T-shirt that has been worn out, little treasuries that have been collected. It all brings back memories of how sweet they were when they were little and of how I intensely have enjoyed that time. And I still enjoy our time, since accompanying the boys on their journey to adulthood is the most rewarding trip we have made so far. Anyway. Downsizing. The other category I find difficult to give away or sell, are things that we haven’t used in years, but are still good and might (just might) come in handy some time. A huge solid tent for camping in Holland, extra matrasses, some kitchen machines we use once every three years and our CD-collection (are we really never going to listen to CD’s again?). I love to read books, but there’s only a few that I want to keep and reread. Most of our books have already gone to the thrift shop. In the pic you see the books from which I do find it hard to part… Out-dated travel guidebooks we will probably never use again…

But it is time. To simplify. And to also part from some stuff we’re emotionally attached to. Like our travel guidebooks….

Do you also want to downsize? Here’s some advice that can help you do it:

1 Category ‘but it might come in handy one day’: give away or sell everything you haven’t used in two years. When that ‘one day’ ever comes, you just do without it or buy it again.

2 Category ‘emotionally attached to’: think about how the object, that had great value to you, now can be of this value for other people as well.

3 Category ‘emotionally attached to’: take photos of stuff you cling to and then give it away or sell it. In this way you can always cherish the reminiscence by looking at the photo.

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