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Now and the future

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Since we have been traveling the world in 1996/1997 we have become ‘hooked’ on exploring new places and engaging in different activities. We love cities and countryside, mountains and beaches, sea and snow. We love meeting all kinds of people, spend time with them; hear their stories and perspective to life. As a family we are active kiting (surprise), skiing, snowboarding, boating, fishing, biking, trekking, wakeboarding, canopying. And we hope there’s a lot more activities to come. We really enjoy tasting all kinds of local foods and drinks (especially if it’s fresh fish…) and soak in different cultures.

Being out of the ‘Dutch comfort zone’ (with jobs, responsibilities and mortgages), gives us a great feeling of freedom. It’s not that we don’t have a mortgage to pay (we do) and it’s not that we don’t want to work (we love to do what we are good at). But it feels different. Our plan for the future is to live and work in various places in the world. Maybe we will spend a winter in Austria (or Aspen), followed by some traveling through the USA relocating cars and/or campers. After that we will check in on Bonaire to enjoy beach and kite life and meet with old friends. Next to that we will fly to Holland to spend time with our family and friends and to see if our roots are still there ;-). And after that… who knows.

For the coming 6 years we need a home base where our boys can attend high school. For now, we changed our home base to Bonaire once again. We don’t know for how long, we also can return to Holland for a couple of years. Education possibilities are better in Holland, but we have sons who are most passionate about two things: kiting and fishing. You can do both things a lot better on Bonaire than in Groningen… So we will see how things turn out.

In the meantime Jan and I will look for local job opportunities and assignments on Bonaire (or Curacao, Aruba) and we will be investing our time in expanding the work we can do location independent. We will continue to create websites, office templates and presentations, to design, to photograph, to manage projects, to write and to advise on communicational issues.

We are really excited to design the future we have in mind. And we are happy to share our time and passions with our great boys on the beautiful island of Bonaire!!

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