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Beach (Tennis) lessons

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Besides board sports, the boys are also very fond of ball sports. In the Netherlands they used to play soccer and footvolley. They were very happy with Bonaire’s first official Beach Tennis Tournament and as soon as the courts were laid out, they started training. Playing two against two, they not only learnt about the techniques and tactics of the game, but also had to cope with each other as teammates… Which was not always easy. In their eagerness to perform and win, brotherly irritations did occur on multiple occasions… So again, useful lessons. About winning and loosing, making mistakes, helping each other and keeping up the good (team) spirit.

Then the day of the actual tournament arrived. Since there was no youth category, they participated in the men’s competition. They played really well, reaching the quarterfinals unbeaten! Here they encountered the later champions of the day and though they played well, they lost this game. In this short video of the tournament that Jan filmed and produced together with Jan Lokhorst, you can taste the atmosphere of the day and see some great beach tennis moments! Look for the boys in orange (Ties) and blue (Mark)!

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