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Better than botox?

on March 13 | in Explore | by | with No Comments

Let me conduct just a little survey….

Have you:

  • ever had seawater stinging in your eyes while water sporting?
  • ever experienced difficulty seeing properly while kiting or windsurfing with the sun in your face?
  • ever been annoyed by having to squeeze your eyes all the time while you’re on the water?
  • ever lost your sunglasses while game fishing, sailing or crashing your newest trick kiting, (wind) surfing or wakeboarding?

If you answered one or more of the questions above with yes, you should definitely consider testing one of the LiP Typhoon Sunglasses, especially designed and developed for performances on the water. I figure they even work as anti-agers too…. Don’t have to squeeze your eyes so much…. So, invest in your very own Typhoon. Better than botox ;-)….

To convince you even more and since I’m not totally objective, here’s a review of one of our happy customers!

‘Wow……..yesterday I could test the sunglasses for the first time in gusty and choppy circumstances….some big waves hit me hard. With the Typhoon I could still see everything, it didn’t get foggy and is comfortable to wear. I am very happy with my Typhoon!’ – Bob

Typhoon, the LiP water shade that features

  • Clear vision
  • Soft rubber padding inside the frame
  • Venting system on top and bottom of lens to prevent fogging and reduce heat
  • Super light material
  • Adjustable tie-up leash with clip to prevent losing
  • Sunlens with super hydrophobic coating; easy to clean, oil- and water repellent, high technical performance
  • Decentered injected PC polarized lenses
  • Extra deep lens grooves to prevent from lens pop-out
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