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We want to work with you

On stillsnstories we share stories, experiences, photographs and videos on exploring life. With our posts we aim to inspire the growing audience that visit our blog. We are interested in commercial partnerships, from which both parties can profit. We gain an experience; you gain ‘airtime’ on our blog, including stunning photographs and/or videos. If possible, we will include you in articles we write for a variety of magazines. Not only will we bring you, your experience, your accommodation or your product to the attention of our followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you will also end up having professional promotional material (photographs/videos) to use in your means of communication, e.g. on your own website. If wished we can also be helpful with designing or improving your website. In this way we can help each other reach our goals!

Personal experiences add value to a brand
If it fits our taste and lifestyle we can test ride your board, trek with your backpack, try out your latest gadgets, use your cosmetics, exercise with your fitness accessories, eat your healthy bars & superfoods, wear your clothes, experience your guided or non-guided tour, attend your event, participate in your contest, fly your airline or stay in your accommodation. Of course everything we publish will reflect our own experiences and opinion.

Target group weblog
Currently our site receives 2.000+ page views monthly. Our readers share a passion to explore life to the fullest. They are looking for ways to design their lives and to discover the world.

Site Statistics

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 1.250+
  • Monthly Pageviews: 2.250+
  • Facebook Likes (‘stillsnstories’ and our photography page ‘janwachtmeesterphotography’ combined) 1.750+
  • Twitter Followers: 2.000+
  • Vimeo views: 2.500+
  • Google+ views: 5.000+
  • Instagram Followers: 450+
  • LinkedIn Connections: 500+

We deliver text and photos for online and printed magazines. To see examples of articles and interviews, click on our tag ‘media’ on the homepage.

Please do contact us if you are interested in sending us your product, in inviting us to your press trip or in co-working with us some other way. You can contact us via our Facebook page or via inge@stillsnstories.com or janw@stillsnstories.com.

We do not only offer you an excellent online advertising opportunity for lifestyle, exploring and travel-related businesses, our cooperation also results in amazing photographs and videos that you can use in your own means of communication. 

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